The Best and Safest Ways to Whiten Your Skin

The most gorgeous people on the planet have defining characteristics: beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, shiny hair. Certain of them have Brazilian-style tanned models but others are just as pale as Snow White. Each year, millions of people from all over the world invest billions of dollars on tanning products to make skin darker. But for some reason people who are trying to lighten their skin are viewed as a threat to their appearance. If you are looking for beauty in having a lighter complexion that is, then you must be able to do it without risk.

HOW TO LIGHTEN your skin

1. AcidsUse acids on a daily basis is one of the most effective ways to regularly cleanse your skin, speeding up tan removal and also lightening your skin. Beware of using acids, as they may cause burning to your skin. When used properly acidic products are an excellent ingredient to give your skin a more youthful and more youthful looking.

  • Utilize peels that contain glycolic acid, lac acid mandelic acid and Trichloroacetic acid at least once per weekly to every 6 weeks. I would recommend performing these peels at home after reading the directions thoroughly (you can order them from MUAC) However, if you don’t take care, you can burn yourself. So if you’re scared of applying them at home, do these at the salon. It is important to choose different strengths for your face and body. Visit:-
  • Make use of toners that contain glycolic or lactic acid morning and at night.
  • Make sure to use lotiosn that contains glycolic as well as lactic acid. I personally apply Obagi Blender on my face because it contains glycolic acid in it. I also apply Glytone Body Lotion on my entire body since it has a high percentage of glycolic acid in it to lighten my body.

2. Use RetinARetinA – RetinA is the only thing that has been proven to work and enhances the skin’s thickness through the creation of collagen. Utilize RetinA at night by mixing it with Obagi Blender. This will exfoliate your skin and allow for greater penetration of your skin lightening products, and whiten your face. Do not apply Retin A to treat your body because it is possible to overdose.

3. Make use of a Skin Lightener – The best ingredient for whitening skin is hydroquinone. However, don’t use this ingredient for longer than 5 months per year since hydroquinone may cause skin atrophy and therefore severely damage your skin and also causes the skin to darken if utilized for longer than six months. I would suggest applying Obagi Clear as it has 4% hydroquinone. This is the strength with the highest recommendation, for 5 months Then switch to a product for lightening your skin for the rest of the year. For example, Skinceuticals Pigment Regulator.

4. Use sunscreenI cannot emphasize enough how important sunscreen is. Use a high strength sunscreen such as Bioderma SPF 100 every single day, no matter if you are staying indoors or there’s an outpour of rain. Sunscreens should be applied regardless of whether or not you use hydroquinone in order to protect your newly lightened skin otherwise there will be hyperpigmentation. Be sure to apply sunscreen on your body too. Remember to stay out of the sunlight! Note: If you’re worried about Vitamin D deficiency due to less exposure to sunlight, you should take supplements that contain active forms in Vitamin D).

5. Utilize an Antioxidant– It has been demonstrated that Vitamin C can not only slow the aging process as well as lighten the skin. I recommend applying a Vitamin C serum from Skinceuticals , such as Phloretin CF and CE Ferulic, or use one from Cellex C.

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