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Blogs are instant publishing and is a huge blessing for writers when they can get their heads about what a blog actually is and why it’s a great tool for writing.

In the first month after starting the blog, every single writer I’ve tried to convince to start blogs has said: “I wish I’d started my blog years ago!”

Blogs can be extremely powerful. If you’re not sure of how to begin, follow the steps I’ve laid out in this article:

1. Create a blog of a smaller size

The most difficult hurdle for writers when it comes to blogging is the fact that they have no idea where to begin. It is possible to spend months, even years, contemplating blogging. It won’t help you. It is also not helpful to research blogging or blogging platform.

Recognize that you’re putting off your blog because you’re scared and channel your nervous energy into your blog. Visit:-

Create a blog using any platform. In a month, or even a week from now If you realize you’ve made a mistake, quit the blog and start another one. Bloggers who are proficient have a lot of blogs for a variety of purposes.

I’ve got around 10 writing-related blogs and numerous other blogs I’ve made on topics that I am interested.

2. Blog each day

It’s easier to learn about blogging through doing it yourself, even if you’re not certain if your doing things “right.” There aren’t any rules to blogging. A blog is an instant tool for publishing and you can use it however you like.

3. Check out other bloggers.

For ideas on how to blog and to get ideas for your blog, you should read blogs by other bloggers. Find a feed or RSS reader, and then create an assortment of bloggers who blog about topics in which you are interested.

If a blogger writes an interesting post, write about it, and then add your own thoughts. Blogs have been described as an “conversation”, and while I believe that’s the case sometimes but not all blogs are conversations. If you wish to block comments on blogs, do it. It’s always your blog.

4. Create an Google Alert for your name

Here’s where bloggers begin to realize the potential of blogs. Create an Google “alert” for your name. Alerts can be sent out daily by email.

In the first month or so after you’ve started, you’ll notice that your name popping everywhere on the internet.

5. Check out who’s following your blog

Create an account, a Google Analytics account, to track who is reading your blog. In addition to seeing who’s readingyour blog, but you can also look up the words they typed into search engines to locate a specific blog article.

The process of analyzing your readers is a lot of enjoyable. You’ll be amazed by the people who are reading your blog posts editors, publishers, and any other potential customers you can attract in the most effective way.

6. Are you looking to draw attention to someone? Blog about them.

Let’s say that you’re writing an novel. You believe that Publisher X is a great choice for your novel.

Begin blogging about Publisher X. Like the rest of us, Publisher X monitors the internet to determine who is discussing them… as well, consequently, people from the Publisher X publicity and/ or marketing department might visit your blog. It’s possible that you’ll receive an inquiry for a portion (chapters and an outline) for your book.

Many bloggers have gotten publishing contracts through their blogs. Some bloggers earn commissions and gain clients.

Blogs can open up new worlds and possibilities for writers. If you’re not blogging, then you’re hindering your career. Start blogging now: you will be amazed by the power of blogging, and the benefits it has to your career.

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