How to Advertise Blog With These 4 Blog Comment Strategies

No matter you are a professional blogger or just a novice and as long as you are in blogging business, you may, in certain circumstances, recognize that leaving comments on other blogs can have huge positive effect on marketing your blog. But it doesn’t suggest that you publish your comments on every blog you visit. Finding the right blog to comment on is a skill that will be able to learn. Here are four ways to go about making comments on other people’s blog.

How popular is this blog?

If you’re commenting on a blogwhich receives only some visitors each day, you can’t expect that an influx of visitors will visit your blog. Since the number of people who visit your blog is lower than the number of people who visit it, it can also indicate that only a tiny number of people will view your blog post and then visit your website. So, if you’re looking to advertise you blog by posting comments on other blogs, try to find those blogs that are equally or even more well-known as your own blog. You can use the page rank of an individual blog to figure out how important this blog’s website is. Visit:-

The blog shares the same interests to you.

There’s no sense to post a comment on a blog which is not connected in any way to the content of your website. Although a direct connection is not essential, it is much preferred. If, for instance, you run a blog about software for computers You should not restrict your commenting to a specific blogs, that are also talking about the same topic. Commenting on blogs that talk about programming languages that are used to write the software, or other people’s experiences with that software, can be an excellent way to marketing your blog.

One way to determine the type of blog is to look at the blog description. If the blogger does not have the time to providing such kind of information, check out their blog and see whether they’re targeting same keywords that you do, by counting how many instances a certain keyword has appeared.

Possibility to Reciprocity

Once you have started blogging What you are focusing on is the content of your blog. And then let other blogger take note of your blog and reciprocate. If you’re the first person to be approached by another bloggers, it is likely that they want you to leave a comment on their blog since you have great content on your blog.

Or in reverse, try to locate the comment you left on your blog and find the site that other blogger left in your post. Then go to their website and see if they have any link exchange possibilities coming in.

Find Blogs that are in the same market

When you are marketing your blog via posting a comments, you’re not limited to posting on blogs that have the same topic like yours. By conducting thorough research and planning, you are able to drive traffic by posting comments on blogs with different visitors.

For instance, if you have a blog about dance and discover there is a food-related blog that is very popular You might want to consider making a comment on it. At first, it appears that there isn’t any immediate connections between the two. However, both of these blogs are targeting the same age range. Furthermore, the two blogs could even be targeting the similar geographical areas!

If you’re able discover a connection between your market segments You could come across a lucrative link exchange opportunity. It can also be done by posting a comment on their blog with your blog link inserted. It requires careful and careful planning. The key point is that you must find a common passion both you and your blog partner have. You can discover one by looking at the market you want to target.

Referring to the food blog and dance blog example, given the target audience for both are teenagers, the approach to blog comments is making a post on a dance blog about the most suitable food for dancers who may participate in competition. Commenting on food blog that, how dancers could benefit from taking certain food.

In reality, if there are times when you’d like to just respond to a blog’s post by commenting without considering any blog advertising aspect, it’s totally acceptable. Even if there’s no tangible benefit for you for a short amount of time, letting everyone know your thoughts will, in certain extend, gain your reputation in the long term.

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