Online Blogging – How to Make Money From Your Blogs

Blogging is a huge business today. Particularly due to the large amount of people entering the blogging industry on the web. It’s an one thing to start a blog on the internet, but it’s a different matter for you to earn money through the blogs you’ve made. Many bloggers find it simple to design beautiful and well-designed blogs, but struggle to earn enough money to cover all their efforts in blogging.

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In this article I’ll provide you with seven simple strategies that you can employ to earn money from your blog.

1. Advertisements

One of the methods that you can employ for earning money from your blog is through Advertisements. If you regularly post and your blog gets a slightly older it will get a good amount of traffic and gain the popularity. In addition, you’ll receive offers from different businesses to put their advertisements in your site. You can also use an Ad management program or a service such as AdBrite to put an ad-hoc box on your sidebars that say “Your ads here”. It is possible to charge a flat rate of $100/- monthly or even more these advertisements, based on the popularity and the page position for your website. You can also sign up your blog with an Google AdSense account and start receiving relevant Ads for your blog from Google. You can also take advantage of certain of these advertising networks like Chitika, Bidvertiser, and Clicksor e.t.c

2. Affiliate programs

Another option is to sign to join Affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is a highly profitable method of earning profits from the traffic your blog receives. You could sell someone other product that is related to the subject or niche that your site is focusing on. In exchange for your efforts, you are paid a certain proportion of the commission. The most effective way to sell is to write an article about the affiliate product on your website, or through your blog by displaying an option to recommend the product.

You can also add affiliate banners, links or images that are provided by the owner of a product. A list of the top websites that offer products for affiliate marketing to promote on your blog can be found here:

3. Pay Per Lead Programs

Although affiliate marketing can earn an income that is substantial through the traffic your receive on your blog, it is likely that not all visitors to your site will purchase the items. In fact you shouldn’t be shocked when only 5% of your visitors purchase your products as affiliates (which is still a good number). But, a better method to make the most of the traffic that comes to your site is joining pay-per-lead programs. Numerous companies on the internet will pay you for every action that people(traffic) your website sends to them on their site, such as filling out forms or registering for products, or entering personal details(email addresses names, email addresses). All you have to do is sign up for an affiliate/associate/partner account with these companies, obtain their links, banner ads and put these links or banner ads on your blog. Imagine how much you could earn if 50 percent of your visitors visit the links on your blog and take several simple tasks like entering their email addresses and names(Some pay-per-lead programs pay as little as $5-$100)
The top companies on the Internet that offer pay-per-lead programs include ($85), ($5), ($20 to $100), ($12/lead)

4. Review Products
A good method to earn money through your blog is to review the products of various businesses through your site.
If your blog is gaining enough traffic, you are able to join the websites which offer this service. In most cases, you’ll be required to write a review or short article about products to earn money. Here’s an overview websites that pay you to review their products:
I) Payment Per Post
II) Smorty
Iii) Reviewme
IV) Review sponsored by a sponsor

5. Sell Your Own Information Products

One of the most efficient methods to earn money from your blog is to sell your own information products such as audiobooks, e-books, videos and more from your blog. In contrast to affiliate programs, when you sell your own information products , you are able to keep the entire profit for yourself. If you aren’t able to create the product of your choice, you could attempt to obtain the rights to resell other people’s products and then sell them for 100percent profit. You can try They offer resell rights information products that you can sell on your blog or on their website.

6. Donations

One unique method of earning money through your blog is to install a donation buttons. You can place donations buttons onto your blog to receive donations from your visitors to your blog. Many bloggers employ scripts to put donation buttons in order to receive contributions from their readers. Although some bloggers find this method to be a little embarrassing however, if your blog provides high-value content and valuable information for your readers, they are likely to donate as they enjoy reading your blog and want to appreciate this kind of assistance. Install paypal or credit card donation buttons that allow readers to donate through credit or paypal.

7. The Blog Flipping:

This is a popular technique among many online marketers. This method lets you create your blog, and then make it famous through extensive marketing and building an enormous amount of traffic by using backlinks for your blog’s content (articles and blog posts). They then turn around (sell) their blog for a extremely high prices. Here are a few of the most well-known websites to sell your blog

Sedo Auctions – Your blog can be listed for auction on Sedo for no cost, but they’ll charge a commission at 10% every time you locate an interested buyer for your blog.

SitePoint Auctions – This is likely the most well-known place to purchase or sell established blogs (that contain content). Buyers are looking for blogs that have a good Google PageRank as well as backlinks, and possibly an income stream. It is necessary pay a modest cost to have your site listed on SitePoint however, the prices are usually serious.

eBay Auctions on Websites – eBay has an enormous number of users, so your is likely to be seen by an even larger audience. eBay auctions are usually indexable by search engines therefore if your auction has extensive descriptions, you can expect buyers to find it through search engines, too. On the other hand, you might be faced with fake or unintentional bidders. eBay will charge a commission on the auction.
Other websites where you could think about selling your blog include as well as Digital Point.

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