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About Tiruvannamalai TempleThe largest number of devotees in Tamilnadu go to Tiruvannamalai to see the Temple. According to the history, Annamalai is not an ideal mountain to climb in the early days. It is believed that Annamalai was the fire-like form that never came within reach of anyone. The name of the hill is known as the Thiru (for the greatness) with Annamalai = Thiruvannamalai according to the name of Lord, as Lord is the one who is in the form of fire. There are also Individual places to celebrate Pancha Bootha Sakthi in Tamil Nadu. Annamalai is where Agni Sakthi is situated.
Thiruvannamalai which is a traditional spiritual attraction, has become famous. Thiruvannamalai is a well-known and renowned place for Giravalam. The premises of the temple architecture are a source of reverence. Visit:-
People from all parts of South India come to visit at various festivals, but the most popular is the Karthikai Deepam festival annually. The story of this beautiful Tiruvannamalai District is very Ancient.
In addition, areas such as Arani, Devikapuram, and Vandavasi were major areas in the British rule. At first Sambhuvaiyars, a minor governor under the Cholas was later headed by the army headed by the government. The Fort of Kailasanathar as well as Kailasanathar Fort and the Fort in Arani are witnesses to it.
Thiruvannamalai District Thiruvannamalai District is part of North Arcot District and was functioning from September 30, 1989 until September 30. It is bounded by Vellore District to the North and Kanchipuram in the East. Villupuram in the South and Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri District in the West.
Administrative Units
Thiruvannamalai, Arani, and Cheyarai for Thiruvannamalai District are the three divisions of Thiruvannamalai which are divided into 12 Taluks, namely Tiruvannamalai, Keelpennathur, Chengam, Thandarampattu, Polur, Kalasapakkam, Arani, Chethupattu, Cheyyar, Vembakkam, Vandavasi, Jamunamarathur. It has 18 Panchayat Unions as well as 4 Municipalities . There are 10-Town Panchayats and 860 Panchayats.
Thiruvannamalai District is situated in the Northern region of Tamil Nadu and it was located 190 kilometers from Chennai, 210 km away from Trichy at a distance of. The total area is 6188 square kilometers.
Thiruvannamalai District, which is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu with rice production in the forefront. It is the first quality that is here to be exported to other regions of the state as well as to other states as well as overseas. Cereals such as sugarcane, paddy bananas, paddy, and perennial crops such as peanuts, millet and corn are grown in large amounts. Millets are grown within Javvathu Hills. Also, fruits like cheetah and jackfruit are cultivated and banana is extensively grown. About 56 percent of the entire population is dependent on agriculture.
In Tiruvannamalai District, Industries are extremely few. Sugar Mills are located throughout Cheyyar, Polur, Konlunthampattu areas. Lakshmi Saraswathi Cotton Mill is located in Sevur at Arani. The Cheyyar SIPCOT facilities consist of footwear and motor spare parts. An abundance of color stones, black stones, as well as soft stones are accessible in this area.
The Thiruvannamalai Annamalaiyar Temple is situated in the capital of the district. It is well-known for its magnificent Renukaambal temple and its Thanjangar Banda Rangan Temple, and the Devikapuram Periyanayaki Temple. Apart from these, tourist spots like Sattanur Dam, Parvathalai, Jawadu Talalai, Mamandur Cave Temples, Tirumalai Jain Temple, Goolamandal, Brahmadeshasam are among the other tourist spots.
There are 1798 armpits, 219 high schools, along with 160 high-schools. Other than that they also have the Forest School, Jawahar Reddy School The School, and the CBSE schools located in the city are all covered by the educational needs of students. Aryan, Chengam and Polar Educational Districts were established to create two academic districts, Thiruvannamalai and Chevar to serve administrative purposes.
There are 417 hospitals with 114 health centers for primary care as well as 20 government hospitals within all districts of Thiruvannamalai as well as one medical center and one hospital within the district are welfare. There are 5 medicines and 113 pharmacies that cater to livestock maintenance.

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