Choosing a Different Destiny

If people are complaining at work about the monotonous work, the tension and traffic, the incessant conversations, the noise and faxes, as well as the irritating reminders of Memos and notices, emails and so on… A few people ask themselves if I could change something in my life?

In a nutshell, being Diving Instructor is a dream that can be fulfilled. Incredible destinations, wonderful places to go, gorgeous people who admire you, since at the end of it all, you’re the man: You are your Diving Instructor!

The process of becoming Diving Instructor isn’t as simple… Many individuals choose to follow the profession route and once they have completed their initial open water course, or their advanced course quickly realize that underwater life is always uncertain and unpredictably …. . Like the case of a Boeing 747 pilot… you require years of experience and education to be aware of the risks as well as the responsibility and consequences of your actions as an instructor in the diving industry. Visit:-

The Diving Instructor not only receives all the attention, the complimentary drinks at the local bar and the signs after the completion of with Diving Certifications The Diving Instructor is accountable for other people’s lives, their safety, and is responsible for helping his students become as competent as they can to be “divers” within a four days.

Trust me when I say that it is not an easy job.

Diving isn’t like riding a bike , where despite the terrain, you know that the ride is going to be fine. The Diving Experience is different based on the location, your experiences, the time of the year, the depth, your equipment and weather conditions, the people who you dive with, and even your mood on that day are all important factors when you dive.

Now, imagine all of these factors, plus the fact that you’re facing all of this, and a bunch of nervous students about to dive for the first time.

As you can see, many things could go wrong, but at the same time there are many situations that aren’t right.

The satisfaction of seeing your students smile with the biggest smile they’ve ever had when they dive for the first time is well worth all the sacrifices effort, time and endless days of perseverance!

This is why being a Diving instructor is such a significant choice that requires a wise decision when you’re ready to choose a person who can train you to become a teacher in the future.

Similar to how Luke Skywalker needed Yoda and their companions to fight the Empire You’ll need all the advice and tools you can get.

Within the PADI program (Professional Association for Diving Instructors) the section comprised of YODAS or Diving Gurus are known as Course Directors. they are responsible for giving you the training as well as tips and tricks that can make your life easier being an instructor. This is why when you decide as an instructor, you must be aware how the course director has the most influential person in your life, and this is why you must spend the time to research and research the most suitable Diving career path to take.

Once you have become Divemaster and are prepared to become a Diving Instructor you must complete the Instructor Development Course , also known by the name of PADI IDC.

It is the PADI IDC is the most complicated course you’ve ever completed to date. It’s a continuous bombardment of information about safety, standards, students and the PADI system law, sales and marketing. You read it all, you also learn about other diving-related topics like marketing and sales strategies, because in the final analysis diving is a business just like every other! The best thing about the course is that it is a difficult course that offers you the chance to open your eyes in a new perspective and to view the teaching process for scuba diving as an “science” that requires knowledge and experience required.

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