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I came back from Maui and made a plan for 2010 with the team yesterday. It’s great and exciting, but I also want to look back on my vacation and my state of mind where ideas were free to flow, love grew and compassion was deepened. Taking a closer look at it, I noticed that there are specific routines that give me access to deeper parts of myself during my vacation. Routine I take care of myself. Oh, let’s go back to the concept of self-care and self-care boot camp expansion that started in late 2009. What did I do in Maui then? 1. Daily Exercise: Well, here is the truth. I didn’t do a great aerobic exercise for an hour on the stairs, run 6 miles daily, or pick up weights four times a week. I rode an exercise bike for 30 minutes, reading a novel and listening to motivational audio discs. There is almost no hardcore. Sometimes I switched to an oval machine after 15 minutes. I have never stayed in the gym for more than 40 minutes. everytime. During the 6-week official self-care camp, I followed the advice of an old friend who was a personal trainer. Reduced power yoga. Reduce weightlifting. Start walking with your friends and stop climbing the stairs. We have come a long way as a recovery exercise that we did not consider the 60-minute turn class five times a week as a daily practice. One day I skipped Jim altogether. The other day I went for a walk with my father. And one day I decided to explore a new part of the beach road and went running / walking. I surfed, overcame the horrors of the rough seas and tried to go snorkeling with my kids. Visit:-
2. Reflect Daily Quiet Time: Manifest Part of the 10-step process of dating with dignity to love involves developing a connection with your inner calm and quiet voice .. I call it the “spirit”. Others call it higher power, the universe, or God. As part of my daily vacation, I listened to reflective audio tapes, read important points that touched my heart, and meditated for five minutes on the beach, in hammocks, and near the beach. .. swimming pool. That doesn’t mean I sat on the cross leg for 40 minutes and said hmm. I can’t meditate at home in these environments, but I remembered to stay in touch as I spent time pondering. This practice supports me. It reminds me to let go of anger, practice forgiveness every day, be considerate, and focus on the richness of my life.
3.3. I charged the battery: I’m usually an avid reader every year during this particular trip to Maui. I read fiction every month as a person who has been in a reading club for over 10 years through an organization called the Faculty of Letters. I read books that touched on various topics such as historical novels, cultural conflicts, and memoirs. I enjoyed winning the Pulitzer Prize writer. He knew which book won the Booker Prize. I was a reader. For the past two years, I have given up my love of reading fiction and focused more on books related to my experience. I only read non-fiction books. Alas, I find myself sinking in the sand between my toes, a juicy novel written by one of my favorite award-winning authors. It was very comfortable. It was like eating chocolate. I read enthusiastically. I went to a bookstore and remembered that I always liked classics and bought Jane Eyre from Charlotte Bronte. I awakened my brain with more than business planning, love, dating advice, and writing techniques. It was a new level of self-care. I also decided to collect and carry the dust that I started many years ago. He didn’t knit for years. He was very comfortable. I remembered that knitting was meditative to me. My brain is emptied with each stitch. It’s rhythmic. And since her mother was a talented weaver, this time she connected with her mother in this act.
Finally, I spent time communicating with people through shared experiences. Gather on the couch or patio, fry pork loin, cut vegetables with your girlfriend, talk to your past boyfriend, talk about the nuances of raising a teenage girl with another mom, and your old friends Laughed. I enjoy the stagnation and am walking around. wonder. I walked with the children. They are getting up late. I stopped watching TV. A day without plans or expectations. Wow! I wonder why I shouldn’t leave this time at home.
I realized that it was time to take my self-care ideas to a whole new level. This is my theme for 2010. Crazy self-care! That doesn’t mean I decided to lose £ 10 to get a manicure or massage from time to time. No. That means finding time to do what I like. Meet my needs. Create a stopped state. read. I will actually rejoin the reading club. Maybe you are reading another classic. So I sit down with my daughters and take the time to finish the pink and brown cashmere fabrics that I started watching American Idol together. That means i go

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